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European Court of Justice (ECJ), January 13, 2022
ECJ 13 January 2022, case C-361/20 P (YG v Commission), Miscellaneous
YG - v - European Commission, EU case


Internal EU case. The ECJ dismissed the appelant’s appeal against the decision not to promote him.

Forms of order sought

The appellant claims that the Court of Justice should:

  • set aside in part the judgment under appeal and declare his action in Case T‑518/18 admissible and well founded, upholding the order for costs against the Commission and, consequently;
  • annul the contested decision and the decision rejecting the complaint, or, failing that,
  • refer the case back to the General Court for judgment.

The Commission contends that the Court should:

  • dismiss the appeal in its entirety, and
  • order the appellant to pay the costs.


The Court (Seventh Chamber):

  1. Dismisses the appeal;
  2. Orders YG to pay the costs.